Cleaning Uniko Inc. stands as a woman-owned and operated enterprise specializing in residential and commercial cleaning services, deeply rooted in the vibrant landscape of New York City.

The visionary behind Cleaning Uniko Inc, Nikol Pomaki, is an inspiring self-made immigrant. In 2010, she laid the cornerstone of Cleaning Uniko Service, driven by the desire to better cater to her burgeoning community of loyal clients, who entrusted her with their cleaning service needs. Pomaki’s journey commenced within the realm of another cleaning service business, where the seeds of her ambition were sown. Recognizing her potential for greater achievements, she embarked on the path of entrepreneurship, culminating in the birth of her own company. Today, with over a decade of experience in the cleaning industry, Cleaning Uniko continues to evolve and thrive.

 The narrative of Cleaning Uniko’s ascent is intertwined with the dedication of its team of professionals. Its origins trace back to an independent cleaning service catering to esteemed clientele in Manhattan. This nascent endeavor swiftly garnered requests for office-related services, fostering deeper connections that propelled exponential growth. Presently, the company boasts a clientele of over 250 in the heart of NYC.

 Within the realm of Uniko, bespoke rates are established for both office spaces and apartments. Prospective clients can effortlessly navigate these rates on the company’s website or solicit a quote via direct communication. The spectrum of services offered extends beyond cleaning, encompassing laundry and the meticulous organization of closets, kitchens, and pantry spaces. An organized environment augments daily lives, while a pristine space begets clarity of mind. At Uniko, the team is devoted to granting clients a stress-free existence in a sanitized sanctuary.

 Central to Uniko’s ethos are its core policies, prioritizing the client’s environment as a paramount consideration during the cleaning process. This commitment is underscored by the company’s eco-friendly approach, contributing to a verdant and sustainable business environment. Beyond clients, Uniko safeguards the well-being of colleagues, families, and friends, ensuring a secure space. The company is fortified with insurance and bonding, enabling it to operate within the hospitality industry while safeguarding clients through non-disclosure agreements.

 The company’s NYC nexus has furnished the team with diverse interactions across the five boroughs. Uniko thrives on compromise and bespoke solutions, viewing no task as insurmountable or trivial. The cornerstones of their approach are meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to discretion, hallmarks that define Uniko Cleaning.

 A multitude of clients have cultivated a decade-long association with the company, a testament to the reliability of Uniko’s services. Testimonials frequently laud the services as exceptional, liberating, and transformative. At the core of Uniko’s mission lies an earnest aspiration to elevate clients’ lives, one meticulous swipe at a time.

 Although the pandemic cast its shadow over the business landscape, Uniko’s steadfast clients demonstrated unwavering loyalty, embracing the company’s return. The Uniko team exhibited prudence by implementing meticulous precautions during their engagements in workplaces and homes, ensuring uninterrupted delivery of top-tier services. While post-pandemic growth exhibited a deceleration, the team’s commitment to client welfare remained unshaken.

 In the realm of service, Uniko is a reliable beacon. Those inquiring about services are encouraged to reach out at (347) 615-0157 for a complimentary quote. Nestled in Brooklyn, NY, the company’s headquarters serves as its operational hub. Operating hours span from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 9pm. Uniko’s team eagerly anticipates connecting with potential clients, eager to furnish them with the service they genuinely deserve.

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Nikol Pomaki


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