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Removing a popcorn ceiling is expected to be complex and messy, often requiring professional help. But with these basic tools, the process can be easier and neater even for the regular homeowner.

Homeowners must own the required and expected fixtures and tools in every house. These are primarily indispensable, typically making people’s residences comfortable and, in essence, complete, such as beds, couches, and refrigerators. Often, these tools aren’t necessarily considered an indispensable but valuable addition to their belongings and means of living.

As a homeowner, a well-stocked and well-curated home tool kit filled with essential tools is an excellent investment. Homes are susceptible to minor or major damages, typically requiring homeowners to step in and manage them. The home tool kit helps them handle these basic needs, like making basic adjustments or improvements around the house.

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Depending on the project homeowners are attempting, most of these basic tools should already be around the house. But for quite complex projects, they might need to make purchases.

Home Improvement Trends in 2023

Most people desire to own their own spaces because of the luxury of making changes at any time. With homes of their own, they can personalize their spaces, designing them based on their preferences and changing them whenever desired.

Renovations can significantly impact people’s quality of life. For 2023 alone, homeowners might lean more toward maximizing and personalizing their spaces. From outside renovations to old fixture removals, like popcorn ceiling removal, people will dabble in creating a more comfortable and aesthetic space. Typically, professionals accomplish these projects. They’re more qualified to handle significant changes around the house compared to homeowners.

However, their services are expensive.

Popcorn ceiling removal alone costs up to $1,923 to $3,876 with the help of professionals. This pricing primarily depends on the coverage’s sizes and the tools the contractor uses for the process. With “high-tech” tools, clients are commonly expected to compensate for them on top of the service charge.

If homeowners wish to attempt this endeavor by themselves, they may do so. But this will require them a lot of preparations and some basic tools.

Basic Tools for Ceiling Removal

Photo from The Patch Boys

Popcorn ceiling removals can be a simple project, save for safety preparations. However, regarding the tools that are needed for accomplishing the process, it’s likely that homeowners already have them on hand. Popcorn ceilings are like any other ceiling material. They don’t require special tools, and basic ones will do.

For starters, here are some essentials required:

Safety Gears

Whether the ceiling contains asbestos or not, safety always precedes the process. Before homeowners start anything, they must strap in and protect themselves from it. In removing an overhead fixture, much debris can fall out and put homeowners at risk.

They must prepare safety gear beforehand. Equipment like goggles, protective clothing, and gloves are required. If they want to be the most protected, they may also prepare helmets and other garments to protect them from injuries.

Plastic Sheeting for Covering

Home improvement projects can be messy, not just popcorn ceiling removals. Aside from scraping the ceilings, covering the room with cloths, plastic, or tarps is crucial to avoid incurring more work. This is vital if appliances can’t be removed from the room. Covering the floors, walls, and remaining appliances is essential. It’s also necessary to cover vents, HVAC systems, and outlets with plastic for extra protection.

Garden Sprayer

Wetting the ceiling makes the removal easier. This is why a garden sprayer is one of the essential and basic tools for ceiling removal. Using the sprayer, wet the ceiling portion to be removed. However, homeowners must avoid soaking it through as this damages the sheetrock.

Homeowners prefer to speed through the process. But working in smaller sections is advisable for a more efficient procedure. This way, the sprayed section won’t dry before they’re supposed to be scraped off. Although it may seem a strictly time-bound process, it’s also necessary to wait about 15 minutes after spraying water for it to absorb through the ceiling.

Wide Putty Knife

No removal can be done without a tool to scrape the ceiling off. Homeowners use wide putty knives as they’re a wider option to make the process easier and faster. This tool is also typically used for standard scraping procedures. A wide putty knife is a thin and lightweight tool. Homeowners don’t need to worry about unnecessarily or mistakenly scraping materials that shouldn’t be removed.

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